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We make a good pizza

But we are not a pizzeria

Durum ancient wheat, stone ground, and the long-matured sourdough, following the best millennial tradition of Sicily, bring historical flavours back to the modern taste. 

Ever-changing mixtures, valorizing the variety of the Sicilian grains. At PerciaSacchi, these ingredients are the exclusive basis of the sourdough, and constitute that peculiar touch that you will also notice in the shape and size of our product: each pizza and loaf of bread will be different and unique, somewhat like an original dedication to every single customer.

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Sicilian Producers

Our Pizza

Only fresh ingredients

Our producers

We know them one by one

We are the proud holders of a certainty: that we offer our customers an ethical cuisine, from the carefully selected ingredients to the creation of our dishes. Our ethics is mirrored in the selected and monitored path of the ingredients from the producer to the consumer: each ingredient carries the name of its producer and of its consumer, in a direct person-to-person relation. It is also reflected in our respect for the environment and for the traditions of which we are both ambassadors and innovators; as well as in our respect for the natural cycles of the kneading, rising, and cooking of the dough.

It is a network entrenched with the passion of people who love cooking and do so with love. It is a network of sincere friendship among all the actors involved in the result: we ourselves harvest the grapes of the local producers of wine, we take photos of the fields and of the orchards, we pick the tomatoes, and we breathe the air of the Sicilian countryside, smelling the ingredients that are later reworked in our kitchen.

Every dish is the outcome of this genuine collaboration.

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